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about heather

the inside scoop

Heather's father would tell you that ... "it all started when i found her sitting atop a fence post one day and i decided to take her home" the true story is probably not that far off but i will give it a try...

Heather grew up on a small northern michigan farm and has always cultivated a love for all things unique in the world around her. Growing up was always full of family and friends... many of whom were furry in nature. Like her father before her, Heather began experimenting with how you could shape what you saw when you were looking through a lense. As the years went by she graduated from design school and pursued a career in the businees world. Like most things though, creativity has a way to never fade away and her passion for perserving moments has turned into what is known today as somes I studios photograpghy.

Heather believes that often the most stunning images are formed out of spontaniety and just everyday experiences. Even a smile has less impact if you truly do not see the person wearing it... that is what she wants to bring to your portraits. Her home studio is based out of clarkston, mi but she works on location to wherever the lense is calling.